Mail Order Form

Print, complete, and mail this order form with payment.  If you do not have a printer, just write the information below on a piece of paper. You may also order online.

STEP 1: Quantity / Price

2 Free with SASE!
10  $2
50  $8
100 $12
250 $24
500 $48
1000 $88
1250 $108
Larger quantities Contact us

* Phone & Email are optional and are used only if we need to contact you about your order.  See our Privacy Notice.
Circle quantity/price at right.  Prices are USD and include shipping within USA.  Contact us for international orders.

Additional donation: $________________

Total enclosed: $____________

STEP 2: Shipping Information

Name: _____________________________
Address: ____________________________
Address: ____________________________
City:       ____________________________
State:  __________  Zipcode: ____________
*Phone: ______________________________ 
*Email: _______________________________

STEP 3: Payment

Include check or money order payable to "Melora Rush, c/o".  Due to the way our account was initially set up, we cannot accept checks that are made out only to "".

STEP 4: Mail Your Order

Mail your completed order form and payment to:

Melora Rush, c/o
P.O. Box 400282
Cambridge, MA 02140-0003

STEP 5: Notify Us By Email

Most orders are placed and paid online, so we don't often check our P.O. box.   Therefore, to ensure a timely response, please email us to let us know that you have mailed your order.  This also allows us notify you by email when we have received and shipped your order.  Send email to:
         "melora" at morepeace dot org
Thanks for your order!

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